A personal post.

Since starting uni it’s been rough health wise, 4 months in I developed a condition called Graves Disease. This was a surprise at first until I discovered that not only my great grandmother on my father’s side had the disease, my great grandmother on my mothers side did too - what are the odds.

The disease prevented me from continuing my passion of Scuba Diving and complex Underwater Photography. I had to focus on more terrestrial based work which was frustrating, my heart is not and never will be on land.

But over the summer this year and after countless types of medication, the disease up and went. Just, gone.

So heading into my last year of uni I knew I could battle through it fit and well. Apparently not.

After many doctors appointments and discussions, it’s apparent that I had the disease a lot longer than first thought. My immune system is shot and most infections I pick up act very violently - in February of this year when I still had the Graves, I contracted the common cold which my body mirrored as viral meningitis.. nice. But most of all, my immune system struggles to fight off STI’s.

Since I began puberty I have had issues around ‘that area’ and Chlamydia has been a common occurrence. I’ve always had a gut feeling I’d never be able to have children because on several occasions I should have fallen pregnant. Long story short, over the summer I have been treated for that STI and tested for all the others. With all results negative and pointing back to my friend Chlamydia.


All results negative this time, it appears through countless trial and error with different medications and treatments, I have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Awesome.

This confirms my theory of the no kids thing as 1 in 10 people that have the disease are unable to have children.

It’s bothering me more than Ive been letting on, I want children one day more than anything. I’ve told my family and friends that the day I get told I can’t have kids is the day I take my exit.

I’m on medication to calm the PID down but it’s something that’s permanent, it’s not the best start to my third year - battle on!

"I didn’t like having to explain to them, so I just shut up, smoked a cigarette, and looked at the sea."
Albert Camus, The Stranger (via wordsnquotes)

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He is poison
He is darkness
He is sickness
And he is past.


briony may smith: Mermaid steps out of her tail

Steel mermaid corset by Fiori Couture

This is my favourite.